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Over 50 years of construction and development, the education level of the school has greatly improved; the results of scientific research are fruitful; the school-running characteristics are increasingly highlighted; and all undertakings of the school have achieved great-leap-forward development. Today’s Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine has become a higher learning institution with distinctive characteristics in terms of the schooling paradigm in which the education of Chinese medicine is coordinated with the development of multiple disciplines and demonstrates the unique integration of industry, and scientific research. In future, JXUTCM, in a spirit of audacious innovation and dedication, is striving to build a powerful high-level university with distinctive features, making even greater contributions to the construction of a rich, harmonious and beautiful Jiangxi Province.


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The university library is home to 1,102,800 copies (hardcopy) of books and 557,800 electronic books. The University’s grand library rivals the main building as the most memorable sight on campus. This 10-story library demonstrates a tradition and excellence in education as it is home to over eight hundred and twenty thousand (820,000) books and printed materials which include numerous English medical books and periodicals. The scholarly air is produced by a wealth of academic endeavors and complemented by a diverse array of other facilities that include: the main and auxiliary reading rooms, reference rooms, journal and periodical rooms, photocopy rooms, storage rooms for rare books, seminar facilities, internet services and student lounges.

About Students and Faculty

About Students and Facult-Jiangxi University

There are currently over 11,000 full-time students enrolled for different disciplines and academic levels. There are 15 teaching institutes including College of Pre-clinical Medicine, College of Clinical Medicine, School of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, College of Computer Science, College of Humanities, College of Economics and Management, College of Life Sciences, Department of Physical Education, Graduate School, International Education College, College of Adult Education, College of Science and Technology and College of Higher Vocational Technology. There are 2 directly attached hospitals and 8 non-directly attached hospitals.

About Students and Facult-Jiangxi University

There are 771 professional teachers, among whom, 428 hold senior professional titles, 551 have PhDs or master’s degrees. There are 7 faculty members entitled as the “National Excellent Teacher”, 2 as “Advanced Individual of State Health System”, 38 as “Mentors Training Talents for the Succession of TCM Expertise” 5 as “Member of 10th Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission”, 1 as “Distinguished Professor of the 1st Jing Gang Scholars Program in Jiangxi”. 9 faculty members are selected for “Jiangxi Ganpo 555 Highlevel Talents Project”. 66 experts enjoy special stipend awarded by the State Council or Jiangxi Provincial Government, 20 are entitled as “Jiangxi Provincial Excellent Teacher”, 28 as “Jiangxi Provincial Famous TCM Doctor”, 24 are selected for “Jiangxi New Century Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project”. And there are 24 doctoral supervisors.

About Students and Facult-Jiangxi University

There is national experimental zone for talent training mode innovation, 3 featured specialties selected as programs with distinctive features by Ministry of Education, 2 state level excellent courses, one state level bilingual model course, 23 provincial or state level key disciplines approved by Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education or State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Two teaching reform projects won the second prize in State Teaching Award in 2001 and 2009.

About Students and Faculty-Jiangxi University

An old adage states that there are no bad students, only bad teachers. The college takes this maxim to heart, and has endeavored to recruit only the finest scholars for faculty positions. Today, the college applies stringent qualifications during the faculty recruiting process to provide the best quality of teaching available. These researchers and lecturers commit themselves to help students to succeed, not just in the immediate sense of finding a job or pursuing an advanced degree, but in order to realize their full potential, and to accomplish their goals through personal and professional excellence. The college has Chinese medical experts with extensive backgrounds who have endeavored to continue their academic careers in by teaching and conducting research in many countries such as England, the United States and Canada. In addition the university currently has Professors and instructors in residence from the United States, Canada, India and Nepal.

JUTCM Research and Labs

Lab-Jiangxi University

There are 10 ministerial or provincial level key laboratories and 2 state level engineering research centers, making JXUTCM the only TCM School in China having 2 state level engineering research centers. In recent 5 years, the university has undertaken 137 state level projects listed in “973 Program” (National Basic Research Program of China), “863 Program” (National High Technology Research and Development Program of China), “National Natural Science Fund” and “National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period” and 326 ministerial or provincial level projects. The scientific research funding of JXUTCM exceeds 60 million RMB per year. In recent 5 years, the university has been granted 56 national patents, 9 new drug certificates, 3 copyrights on computer software and 28 different awards for scientific research achievements including 2 second prizes of the National Award for Science and Technology Progress and 4 first prizes of Jiangxi Provincial Award for Science and Technology Progress.


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Jiangxi Provincial Hospital of TCM, the directly affiliated hospital of the university, is a comprehensive Third-Level First Class TCM hospital, integrating the functions of medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and preventive health care and rehabilitation. The hospital now has 1600 beds for patients, 5 clinical key TCM specialty programs approved by State Ministry of Health, 3 key disciplines approved by State Administration of TCM, 12 key specialty construction programs approved by State Administration of TCM. And the research of thermo-sensitive pattern and scientific basis on moxibustion therapy, which is listed in “973 Program” (National Basic Research Program of China), has made a breakthrough in “973 Program” for Jiangxi provincial medical circle.

International Education College and Exchange and Cooperation

Study MBBS in China

Formerly the Department of International Exchange, was founded in February, 2002. It shoulders such responsibilities as the enrollment, education and management of international students and students from all over the world, Sino-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools and English training; recruitment and management of foreign experts and other foreign affairs. These responsibilities are respectively carried out by three departments, namely College Office, Department of Teaching Affairs and Department of International Students.

Jiangxi University of TCM has been approved by the Ministry of Education as one of the higher learning institutions eligible to admit students from foreign countries and from regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. The university is actively involved in international academic exchanges and cooperation with scientific research, medical and educational institutions from more than 20 countries and regions and is awarded as a Provincial Advanced Group for the Education of Foreign Students for 4 consecutive years. Currently, the International Education College has over 400 full-time students from foreign countries and Taiwan and Hong Kong, by far the largest number province wide. Each year we accept an estimated 100 short-term trainees from abroad. We have established collaborative bachelor programs in TCM with the colleges and universities in Sweden, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Guided by the principles of mutual exchange, the university has been actively involved in international academic exchanges and other cooperative efforts :

  • Academic exchange with Hungkuang University and Hsiuping Institute of Technology
  • Joint education program for bachelor's degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the Swedish TCMCollege and Akupunkturakademin.
  • Joint education program with TAFENSW-Western Sydney Institute
  • With the joint efforts of our University and Hong Kong Academy of Chinese Medicine, we successfully obtained the accreditation from the Ministry of Education for Bachelor Programs in TCM and Chinese MateriaMedica and set up in Hong Kong a Teaching Center in July 2003, the first of its kind for all the medical universities and colleges in Mainland China.
  • Joint education program with the Oriental Academy of Chinese Medicine, Malaysia for bachelors in TCM
  • Academic exchange and cooperation with Centro Internacional de Estudos de Fisioterapia, Acupuntura e TerapiasOrientais in Brazil

Through years of practice, International Education College is experienced in teaching the international students in different foreign languages including English, French and Korean. Advanced Tele-education combined with multimedia has also been adopted in teaching, attracting more students from all over the world to choose Jiangxi University of TCM as a higher learning institute to enrich their expertise in the field of TCM.