The Manila Central University had a very humble beginning for MBBS. In 1903, at the request of several students from the University of Santo Tomas and others, Dr. Alejandro M. Albert organized a private review class.

This review class developed into the Escuela de Farmacia del Liceo de Manila in 1904, with Dr. Albert as the founder and director. Later on, due to the steady increase in enrollment, it was transformed into the Manila College of Pharmacy, with Dr. Leon Ma. L. Guerrero, Antonio C. Llamas, Feliciano P. Paterno and Atty. Filemon D. Tanchoco, Sr. as the incorporators. It was the first educational institution of its kind established and managed by Filipinos. Its success demonstrated the undoubted capacity and ability of the Filipinos managing their own affairs in the education field, especially then. Its initial organization was barely four years after the establishment of the Philippine education system.

In addition to Pharmacy and Dentistry, the reorganized institution offered courses in Liberal Arts, Education, Commerce, Business Administration and postgraduate courses in Pharmacy. And in 1947, the College of Medicine was added. In 1948, it became the Manila Central University after opening the College of Nursing and Graduate School, and met more than the sufficient university requirements.

In 1949, the MCU inaugurated its 10-hectare campus in Caloocan City. The colleges of Optometry and Midwifery, and the High School and Kindergarten departments were opened. Expansion projects and development programs for the university, and individual colleges were continuously drawn to meet education demands and the objectives of the University.

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