MBBS In Abroad-Medical Admission Overseas

In the Wanli and YangMing Campus there are other major facilities available for foreign students such as a modern Gymnasium, athletic playing fields, a large supermarket, a performing arts hall, internet facilities, a bank, ATM centers, a local post office, a weight training gym and several restaurants and canteens which offer a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

The Laboratory Building and Classrooms

Jiangxi Chinese Medical University has modern and sophisticated teaching buildings and facilities. As the largest laboratory building in Asia, the university’s LaboratoryBuilding is a curved building that is over 400 meters long and reaches 7 stories intothe air. Inside there are hundreds of rooms and laboratories. Dissection hall, Biochemistry, physiology and microbiology practical laboratories to name but a few are some of the most sophisticated and modern facilities available for teaching medical students. Vast lecture halls to accommodate hundreds of students with beautiful teak wood furniture, computers on every desk and acoustically designed halls make learning even the most difficult subjects much easier. These modern lecture halls have computer projection screens and public address systems with recording facilities.

Extra-Curricular Activities

MBBS study abroad-Medical Admission Overseas

Set up particularly for the interests of overseas students - Tasteful layout, Well-appointed rooms surrounded by graceful gardens.... To enrich the extracurricular lives of the international students, our college regularly organizes some activities for international students, such as travel and sightseeing, literature performances, sports meeting, dinner together, etc. which make them feel at Home after busy studies.