Ago Medical and Educational Center, Bicol Christian College of Medicine was founded on 1975 by Dr. Damaceno J. Ago. He envisioned in his life that Bicol region of Philippines, can be great if the youth, men and women could be molded so that they will be morally upright, creative and productive of commodities and ideas.

Some of the objectives of the institutions are:

1. To develop health professionals 2. To train the nation’s manpower in the skills required for national development. 3. To undertake health research. 4. To provide an educational program that will promote national identity, cultural consciousness, moral integrity, and spiritual vigor.

The four year medical course at AGO Bicol Christian Medical College is called Doctor of Medicine(M.D) like other Philippines Medical Universities. Before doing the MD course, candidate must enroll into premedicine course of 14 months duration. After compeleting BS premedical course and appearing in NMAT exam, students will move to MD course.

The course covers the normal Human Anatomy, Parasitology, Gynacelogy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Obsetrics, Pharmacology, Pediatrics, Community health, General Medicine, Communcal Healthm Preventive Medicine, Medical Practice, Psychiatry,etc . Course includes Classroom lectures, laboratory preparations and group discussions. This is followed by clinical rotation in Ago Medical Center or other Medical hospitals during which students will get a chance to diagnose and treat inpatients under senior doctor guidance.

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